Dell Boomi: The Most Prominent Takeaways

With the pace of change in the IT landscape and integration tools used, firms are beginning to realize ‘fringe’ benefits apart from the traditional ROI. Dell Boomi, one of the well-known integration platforms, also enables firms capitalize on some amazing functional benefits.

Based on findings by Forrester, organizations avail several qualitative benefits that cannot actually be quantified. The study revealed amazing results from the experiences of six different customers, which could all be attributed to 30,000 employees and revenue of $ 10 billion. There are several benefits from Dell Boom in terms of making the workflows well-connected and collaborative.

· Delighted customers with operational efficiencies and reduced timelines. Customers are happy with 3–4 days of deployment rather than a four-week project.

· Support for information exchange and quality of stored enterprise data. Dell Boomi platform enabled a consistent flow of information to support smart data-driven decisions.

· With a single platform, Boomi helped organizations eliminate silos and overcome integrity issues. This enabled putting all data sources together under a powerful connected platform.

· IT personnel can now communicate in a common language with a defined set of parameters. Boomi developers become well-integrated and can assess data impact upstream and downstream.

· The low-code environment helps enterprise customers as the internal IT teams can instigate workflow improvements and API management, apart from the conventional integration routines.

· A community of ‘citizen’ developers associated with the Boomi platform can chip in with their own integrations by leveraging readily available governance norms and toolkits.

· The Boomi platform can look ahead to the rise of emerging technologies such as Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence. Boomi thus partners clients and customers in keeping up with the pace of technology innovation.

For more information: Dell Boomi Services

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