Kentico 12 & Differences Between Kentico 11 & Kentico 12

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Kentico has become one of the benchmark CMS platforms for enterprises, with a cutting-edge experience for the marketers and developers alike. The Kentico 12 release in late 2018 brings about a new era with MVC-driven tools and interface, thereby offering an explicit choice for building marketing campaigns and e-commerce websites that deliver a never-before experience.

As a Kentico Gold Partner, Raybiztech has scheduled a webinar that will explore the finer aspects of Kentico 12 version:

· Minimum dependency on core IT teams or technology resources

· MVC Drag-and-Drop Visual Page Builder coupled with smart forms

· High-end ASP.NET MVC 5 that supports inline editing environment

· Leveraging .NET Standard 2.0 widgets with reusable components

The webinar will deliver a learning experience as our experts share thoughts and valuable inputs on leveraging Kentico 12 for the future of the enterprise; and competitive advantage from the Kentico 12 platform with the MVC-driven environment.

Register Now for Free:

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Raybiztech is a leading Global IT Services and Solutions, a CMMI Level 3, Company. We are a Member of NASSCOM, HYSEA, NJTC, and AIIA.

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