Kentico MVC drives modern Customer Experience

The newest version of Kentico allow marketers to build powerful interfaces with smart forms and intuitive templates that will drive the marketing CMS of the future.

MVC: An Introduction

With the advent of MVC [Model-View-Controller], Kentico has differentiated design and functionality. It now means the developer could work on the View, while the designer can add something interesting to the Controller.

Integrated Content and Campaigns

Setting up tailored campaigns has been a challenge, with 66% of marketers finding it difficult to mobilize internal resources. This usually results in lower conversion rates in a typical campaign, which would have been 83% higher otherwise, the same study says.

Cloud Capabilities

With a clean and scalable architecture, Kentico offers the option for development in a cloud dynamic environment using the Web Farm 2.0 component. This is accomplished without significant dependence on the developers or core IT personnel.

Flexible tools and widgets enable the configuration of individual pages; and to reuse or discard widgets based on the required level of visual uniformity. Kentico stable release is also equipped with smart forms at various stages of the customer journey.

Flexible and Secure

Technology ought to be simple and straightforward, rather than being a burden. This is exactly what MVC bestows upon Kentico developers and marketers — to deliver fast-paced ‘punches’ and personalized messages to the customer, without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. The latest version of Kentico upgrade will now allow the personalization not just of pages, but individual widgets.

About Raybiztech

As the Gold Partner for Kentico, Ray Business Technologies carries a competitive track record in all facets of Kentico development, upgrade, and maintenance. Our team of professionals can understand the modern requirements of creating and executing campaigns. Raybiztech offers full-cycle projects around Kentico with a focus on customer satisfaction and the fulfillment of precise requirements. We deliver all the essential ingredients in order to improve brand consistency and to drive business goals.

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Raybiztech is a leading Global IT Services and Solutions, a CMMI Level 3, Company. We are a Member of NASSCOM, HYSEA, NJTC, and AIIA.

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