Realizing Stronger Vision: Kentico Connection Denver 2019

Kentico Connection 2019 in Denver will bring together Kentico professionals and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds. The event will offer an opportunity to discover some path-breaking ideas around Kentico development and integration, in addition to the latest in Kentico Cloud through a series of key sessions.

The two-day conclave will feature a series of presentations on success stories with Kentico, as experts reveal the most challenging case studies and lessons learned across key projects completed in recent times. Kentico Connection Denver 2019 shall serve as the desired platform to open up immense opportunities for networking among official partners, stakeholders, as well as end-customers.

The event drives mutual collaboration and strengthens partnerships among Kentico channel partners, driving value-addition from the range of Kentico Cloud and CMS capabilities. The two-day knowledge-sharing platform will also feature opening and closing keynotes respectively. The 2-day learning sessions have been split into Business and Marketing Track and the Technology Track.

The attendees shall be enlightened on content modeling, Kentico integration methods, Kentico 12 MVC Widget, the Kentico EMS and Cloud, enriching the digital experience stack, and the precise needs of enterprise customers.

Individual speakers will shed light on some amazing ways of connecting with customers and developing brand consistency across diverse yet mission-critical Kentico offerings.

Date: 2–3 October 2019

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Venue: Grand Hyatt Downtown,

Denver, Colorado, USA

As one of the prominent speakers, Raybiztech CTO Eugene Paden will deliver an exclusive session on continuous delivery and integration by leveraging Azure along with the power of DevOps. The talk will shed light on some best-case scenarios that enable rapid Kentico integration at minimum costs.

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Raybiztech is the Gold Partner for Kentico applications, enabling firms to build amazing websites and run robust marketing campaigns. We are focused on serving clients to fulfill dynamic marketing and e-commerce needs. As a CMMI Level 3 technology services firm, Raybiztech combines the on-shore and off-shore strategy with quality standards to deliver client projects with least turnaround time and the maximum operational efficiency. As the Gold Partner, our team has access to exclusive Kentico resources for meeting evolving needs and expectations of the clientele spread across the globe.

Raybiztech is a leading Global IT Services and Solutions, a CMMI Level 3, Company. We are a Member of NASSCOM, HYSEA, NJTC, and AIIA.

Raybiztech is a leading Global IT Services and Solutions, a CMMI Level 3, Company. We are a Member of NASSCOM, HYSEA, NJTC, and AIIA.