Trade Unions Leveraging Dynamics Association Blueprint(DAB)

Microsoft has been keen on boosting the workforce and help organizations identify the needs of their employees towards better personnel management. The Dynamics CRM platform has rolled out a version meant for managing finances and accounts, which is a product of the Dynamics Association Blueprint (DAB). The tailored CRM platform will likely fit the budget allocated by an employee body or a union; add and expand memberships, as well as-streamline the quantum of administrative tasks.

The Dynamics Association Blueprint (DAB) is built around Microsoft’s powerful platform that allows low-budget enterprises to transform their legacy systems towards greater efficiency. It is also tailored to fulfill the requirements of trade associations and facilitate their operations, including development and training, member management, as well as data reporting.It lets manage the needs of all the union members in an automated mode, and incur minimum expenditure on updating Excel data and processing of payments.

The Dynamics CRM solution will benefit trade associations in several ways:

Improve overall workflow:

Any technology that helps the staff achieve more with less effort is an innovation worth embracing. Trade Unions do not work for profit;rather eye certain specific goals. The DAB is capable of organizing a trade association’s workflow and streamlining its internal processes. It can also save on staffing expenditure across projects that are lined up to deliver high-end returns.

Target Young Audience:

It is well-known that social media plays a big part in enabling effective communication. The capability in facilitating the spread of credible information through social media can be instrumental in putting DAB among favorable options as a tool for trade union stakeholders and connected thought leaders.

The CRM Dynamics Association Blueprint (DAB) is configured to connect with most of the social media platforms. As there is a big chunk of a young workforce of ripe age, the CRM platform for associations takes into consideration the traffic and viral influence of content shared and tweeted by youngsters of the Generation Z, beyond the year 2000. Targeted communication will resonate with the young class aged below 35 accordingly.

Strategic Communication:

In today’s digital age, people have to sift through a large volume of information. In such a scenario, it becomes vital to ‘broadcast’ only that which matters the most; as such, the Dynamics blueprint is effective in delivering an effective bulletin or updates, in terms of funds or new membership. The Dynamics Association Blueprint can be configured to track mailing lists as well as read receipts, which will help in monitoring the gamut of crucial activities pertaining to a trade association.

Training and Development:

The DAB platform can help develop learning and development dashboards, along with finalizing training schedules by tracking the pertinent skill gap — required and actual — among each of the team members. The Microsoft-powered platform is equally versatile in managing the overall education and training needs of the association members in a timely and consistent manner.

Users can set quarterly and monthly requirements in terms of the precise needs to train team-members in functional as well as technical specialties. Timely feedback from the CRM will also help the association in tracking the performance of the resources before as well as after the completion of training.

Raybiztech is a leading Global IT Services and Solutions, a CMMI Level 3, Company. We are a Member of NASSCOM, HYSEA, NJTC, and AIIA.

Raybiztech is a leading Global IT Services and Solutions, a CMMI Level 3, Company. We are a Member of NASSCOM, HYSEA, NJTC, and AIIA.